Allyson McElroy

"I came to this training with my arms crossed, daring you to teach me something I didn't know.  Wow.  This was awesome.  You proved me wrong.  This is the best training I've been to in my 25 years."  ~ A 2019 participant of Intentional Connection 
Allyson adds 20 years of experience from the front line to the manager's chair to her John Maxwell and DISC certifications to On3OnPurpose.com to bring memorable, energetic, and anything-but-cookie-cutter training to your location.  Allyson specializes in customer service, client relationships, team building, supervision training, DISC Behavioral training, lessons in public speaking, and leadership
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service, communications, and is used in making hiring decisions.  As a certified trainer of DISC, I will work with you and your team to administer the test, analyze results, and put those results into action!  DISC is offered as a stand-alone workshop or can be added to any session or training.  Click here to learn more!


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What if life                            on the count of 3?
After feeling stuck in my goals and purpose I realized I was not alone. Just like the little girl on the diving board, excited to jump on the count of 3, I couldn't get past the count of 1...2... for fear of the waters below. Realizing many leaders felt this same way, I took my own leap in 2017 and launched On3.  Since then, I've committed myself to releasing others to fulfill their greater purpose in business, in ministry, and in life.



All through the new testament Jesus met needs.  But before He met those needs the Bible says "He had compassion."  Join Allyson as she teaches compassionate relationship building, first impression importance, and biblical leadership skills through laughs, tears, and "gut check" moments.  Check out her ministry-based leadership page at www.on3ministries.com.
DISC is a nationally-recognized personal and behavioral assessment tool used in leadership and executive development, management training, conflict management, team building, customer 

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Coaching offers accountability, support, and “hold your feet to the fire” encouragement.  I’ve heard so many say “man, it really helps to have a non-judging, third party, listening ear.”  The hardest person to lead is yourself.  As a coach, I cheer you on from the sidelines as you learn to lead, discover your goals, build your skills, and advance and achieve.

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