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Allyson was fantastic!  I like that she made me think outside the box!

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​More of her!  She was great!

All through the new testament Jesus met needs.  But before He met those needs the Bible says "He had compassion."  Join Allyson as she teaches compassionate relationship building, first impression importance, and biblical leadership skills through laughs, tears, and "gut check" moments.  Check out her ministry-based leadership page at www.on3ministries.com.

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DISC is a nationally-recognized personal and behavioral assessment tool used in leadership and executive development, management training, conflict management, team building, customer service, communications, and is used in making hiring decisions.  As a certified trainer of DISC, I will work with you and your team to administer the test, analyze results, and put those results into action!  DISC is offered as a stand-alone workshop or can be added to any session or training.  Click here to learn more!
With presentations filled with laughs, gasps, and "ah ha" moments, Allyson specializes in customer service, client relationships, team building, supervision training, DISC Behavioral training, lessons in public speaking, and leadership.  No matter if it's an all-day event, keynote address, or 1-hour lunch & learn, she is sure to make a difference.



"A leader must make personal changes before asking others to change." ~John C. Maxwell
Are you ready to grow on a personal level?  Let Allyson guide you to raising your "potentiality lid" of leadership and personal presenting. Click here!

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