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What if life                            on the count of 3?

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Coaching offers accountability, support, and “hold your feet to the fire” encouragement.  I’ve heard so many say “man, it really helps to have a non-judging, third party, listening ear.”  The hardest person to lead is yourself.  As a coach, I cheer you on from the sidelines as you learn to lead, discover your goals, build your skills, and advance and achieve.
"I came to this training with my arms crossed, daring you to teach me something I didn't know.  Wow.  This was awesome.  You proved me wrong.  This is the best training I've been to in my 25 years."  ~ A 2019 participant of Intentional Connection 
Allyson adds 20 years of experience from the front line to the manager's chair to her John Maxwell and DISC certifications to to bring memorable, energetic, and anything-but-cookie-cutter training to your location.  Allyson specializes in customer service, client relationships, team building, supervision training, DISC Behavioral training, lessons in public speaking, and leadership
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Speaking Life to Release You to Fulfill God's Greater Purpose for You with Passion!

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As an only child (equal parts orneriness and spunk) I'd grab my mother's Noxzema jar after Sunday church, tip toe to look in the mirror, and proudly proclaim to my invisible audience how God could fill them as full as that jar of facial cream.  In a bit more grown up way, I'm still doing that today (I don't deny the orneriness and spunk still exists...).

I grew up in a brown-hymnal, 3 piece suit Pentecostal church and treasure those values and upbringing.  I now serve at a progressive, coffee-brewing, non-denominational church as Director of the First Impressions Team.  With the ability to belt out I'll Fly Away in one moment and the latest Hillsong in the next, I can pretty much fit in the back pocket of all church generations.  I can't wait to minister to your team and encourage them to take that next step... "On 3!"

Allyson McElroy

Book Allyson for your next workshop, conference or Sunday service!  Allyson specializes in 
  • Speaking life, joy and purpose to women with equal parts compassion, humor, "gut check" moments.
  • Interactively training ushers, greeters, and all first-impressions teams at churches and non-profits. 
  • Ministering to crowds from 5-500 on living an "On3"
    ​inspired life.

Ministry Training

After feeling stuck in my goals and purpose I realized I was not alone. Just like the little girl on the diving board, excited to jump on the count of 3, I couldn't get past the count of 1...2... for fear of the waters below. Realizing many felt this same way, I took my own leap in 2017 and launched On3.  Since then, I've committed myself to releasing others to fulfill their greater purpose in business, in ministry, and in life.